Rootsweb: ross-l re: [ross-l] huntington's chorea ross-l archives archiver > ross > 2002-11 > 1037327364 from: "dick & peg ross" <> subject: re: [ross-l] huntington's chorea date: thu, 14 nov 2002 21:32:31 -0500 in-reply-to: <3dd44a6b. viagra canada 8010009@ntcnet. Com> you might try finding a man named harold helm. buy viagra online He was moderator of the ross list about 5 years ago when i first joined lists. He had a strong interest in genetics and was tracking rosses. His email address may be accessible in the archives or you might just try a search. viagra online lowest price I don't know that he can help but it might be worth the effort to find him. Good luck, --dick ross -----original message----- from: joelv [mailto: ] sent: thursday, november 14, 2002 8:14 pm subject: [ross-l] huntington's chorea i'm stuck on my grandfather andrew ross born in 1853 married to ella studivan. Possibly married first to barbara webber but i haven't proved it. order generic viagra by phone They all lived in halifax, nova scotia area. Since my brother age 61, was recently diagnosed with huntington's chorea disease and it has to be inherited from the parents we are looking for relatives. Our father died young before he would have had symptoms, we are now looking for rosses who have huntington disease in their genes. viagra safe during pregnancy Maybe we can connect through this disorder. Our mother lived into her 80's with no symptoms of huntington's so it leaves my father earl ross as the carrier. viagra generic online Does this sound familiar to anyone? This thread: [ross-l] huntington's chorea by joelv <> re: [ross-l] huntington's chorea by "dick & peg ross" <>. viagra coupon Tests that may be used to evaluate huntington's disease include: genetic testing for huntington's ct scan of the brain mri scan of the brain pet scanning of the brain: can detect changes in brain metabolism and activity. Continue to huntington's chorea treatment last updated: dec 16, 2010 references authors: stephen j. buy viagra without prescription Schueler, md; john h. discount pharmacy viagra Beckett, md; d. Scott gettings, md copyright dshi systems, inc. Powered by: freemd - your virtual doctor pubmed huntington's chorea referen. viagra safe during pregnancy is there an over the counter medicine like viagra Get Adobe Flash player