April mcgowan novels short stories favorite authors writing links these eyes comparisons happen in our minds all day long. How much more caffeine is in that 24 oz latte than the 16 oz? generic viagra india Is that spider bigger than the one i saw yesterday, or is that one of its many babies? If i use that super extensive homeschool curricula, will i churn out a gifted student poised to take on the world? buy viagra online (can you tell we’re getting ready for our first year of homeschooling through high school? ). Comparisons are natural—it’s something our brain does without thinking about it. bull 100 viagra And that’s where the danger lies. Our eyes. dangers of buying viagra online I might see a house that is larger than my own and think about all that extra space i could use and become discontent. Or, see that super in-shape person on tv and be tempted to feel badly about my body. In our subconscious state,... Read more posted by april on sep 5, 2012 in chronic illness, cvid, encouragement, faith, homeschooling | 9 comments mamma said i’m sure there are a lot of blogs about moms going up this weekend. viagra discount coupons And i’m no exception. generic viagra no prescription But, i’ve got a bit of different take. A year and a half ago i became a different kind of mom. bull 100 viagra I’m now a mom living with chronic illness. Up until then, i was a get-er-done mom. viagra low cost A homeschooling mom. A supportive mom. viagra pills canada A writer mom. I kept a fairly clean house, i kept us organized and on track. buy liquid viagra online But then, my cvid (common variable immune deficiency, or hypogammaglobulinemia) went full-blown. viagra soft online And i went down. Hard. I’ve had to change my idea of what a mom is and what a mom does and adjust my expectations. My kids have always been good kids. bull 100 viagra Thoughtful and considerate. But, things have changed with them during all this, too. My kids notice when i don’t feel great. They... Read more posted by april on may 12, 2012 in chronic illness, cvid, thankfulness | 2 comments verse of the day deuteronomy 13:4 “it is the lord your god you must follow, and him you must revere. Keep his commands and obey him; serve him and hold fast to.
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